Тестовая новость 2022 год 1 March 2022

Тестовая новость 2022 год

The updates cover over 1,600 disciplines and training areas. Also, 25 universities will begin testing new educational programs in 11 priority sectors of the economy for further replication. The updating and development of programs was carried out by leading universities on the basis of the Reference Educational Center of Innopolis University within the framework of the federal program "Personnel for the Digital Economy" with the participation of the largest Russian employer companies.

In June, industry working groups and experts of the Reference Educational Center approved 30 sets of competencies for a university graduate, which will include 25 universities in 30 new higher education programs. The programs were updated taking into account the use of end-to-end digital technologies in the work of specialists: big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality technologies, wireless communication technology, etc.

The updates will affect programs in priority sectors: ""Education"", ""Healthcare"", ""Information and Communication Technologies", "Urban economy", "Mining industry", "Manufacturing Industry", "Transport infrastructure", "Energy infrastructure", "Agriculture and agro-industrial complex" and "Financial services". Experts from Yandex, Aeroflot, Mail.ru Group, 1C, Rostelecom, Megafon, Gazprom Neft, Russian Railways, Tatneft, Skyeng, VTB, etc.

Maria Obraztsova, Director of the Institute of Additional Education at Innopolis University: "Now the second stage is being completed - the approval of work programs of disciplines. After spot testing, the new educational programs will be scaled to other leading universities in the country."

In 2020, on the basis of Innopolis University, a single platform for professional development of teachers of higher and secondary vocational education in Russia was created — the Reference Educational Center (REC) and the Unified Methodological Center (UMC) in the areas of digital economy. The Center is engaged in the formation and development of digital competencies among specialists from priority sectors of the economy, defined by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 204 dated May 7, 2018 "On national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024".

Within the framework of the activities of the Reference Educational Center, a consortium of educational organizations of higher and secondary vocational education was created to combine methodological resources, which was joined by more than 400 partners - Russian universities and colleges from 78 regions of the Russian Federation. In 4 years, Innopolis University, together with the consortium members, will train 80 thousand Russian teachers and methodologists in digital competencies — in 2021, the number of students will reach 16 thousand people. By September 2021, 11,835 teachers and methodologists from 75 regions have already improved their qualifications."

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